Holding Ground - November 2, 2014. Streaming Live from Links Hall, Chicago, at 7pm - Central

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Tonight's Program:

All Lighting Design: Jacob Snodgrass

The Gullible Consumer's Guide to Success (premiere)
Choreographic Direction by: Madelyn Doyle
Choreography: in collaboration with the dancers, Liz Conway and Jamie Corliss
Music: SizzleBird- Leaves
Costumes: Pat Doyle
Performers: Julie Boruff, Shannon Edwards, Olivia May, Katie Petrunich

Middle of a Life (premiere 2003)
Direction: Colleen Halloran
Choreography: Colleen Halloran with Margi Cole
Music: Arvo Part
Performer: Margi Cole

---Intermission (10 Min.)---

Creative Candor (premiere)
Movement Development: the dancers and Molly Kirkpatrick Choreographic
Direction: Margi Cole
Music: Zoe Keating
Costumes: Maggie Dianovsky
Performers: Julie Boruff, Liz Conway, Jamie Corliss, Madelyn Doyle, Shannon Edwards, Katie Petrunich, Olivia May