Photo by William Frederking

As a choreographer, my interest lies in investigating the idiosyncratic and personal characteristics of each dancing body in real time. This feeds my desire to create a new movement vocabulary and a space for watching and witnessing, resulting in a unique sense of community during the process of constructing a work. Also integral to my creative process and vital in my completed work is probing felt experiences, a shared vulnerability and storytelling. The combination of these elements provides the resources needed to create an authentic dance/theatre experience.

I approach my work through many hours of improvisation, trusting that this process will reveal details easily overlooked, allowing me to capture crucial intricacies. I value rough, unrefined edges, twisted moments in time that push the intimacy between the dancers and viewers. Shared writing exercises, research and collective development of movement vocabulary facilitate collaboration in the creative process. I am curious about the space in between specific forms and how that space informs what the viewer sees and feels.

I am interested in deepening the intimacy between the audience and the performer. In this pursuit I strive to cultivate these relationships and further advance the creative capacity of both artists and audiences. The desire for intimacy and vulnerability in the work lends itself to working in smaller traditional and nontraditional performance venues and site-specific locations. This means creating an experience for the viewer through communicating, connecting, moving and imposing a moment to stop and think, to feel and see, and to explore new ideas. As an artist these components nourish my ability to find new avenues for informed and inquisitive engagement in my own creative process.