What is the Solo Swap Project?

The Solo Swap Project is a structured, yet free-flowing peer-to-peer collaboration between Margi Cole and another artist that provides a unique opportunity to share creative processes, knowledge and assets that result in the development of a distinct solo for each artist. The process emphasizes choreography and performance; the solos may or may not have a relationship with each other and can be performed independently or on the same program.

This project aims to develop scaleable work while expanding, exploring and deepening the participant’s work as artists. Throughout the creative process, artists are free to move fluidly between the roles of performer and director/choreographer, building the work out of a collective curiosity and the spoken and movement dialogue emerging from the collaboration. The Solo Swap, which can be performed in traditional or nontraditional spaces, allows the artists to form a partnership of mutual learning and take artistic risks at limited financial cost.


How the Solo Swap expands does the participants’ work as artists?

  • It enables them to move fluidly in the creative process between performer and director/choreographer
  • It keeps them curious within the performance and vital to the creative process
  • It is portable, responding to a need for scalability
  • It can easily be site-specific
  • It is economical
  • It is collaborative


In short, this idea embodies all the elements that seem practical in our shifting economic climate and gives the participants the opportunity to customize work while simultaneously challenging themselves.


​Interested? Here’s more information about Margi’s potential collaborators, the specific intents and outcomes and proposal procedures.

How to propose a Solo Swap